The Mission of St. Francis Xavier is to be a visible sign of the presence of Jesus through our words and actions because He has called us to be leaders of Christian Stewardship. We will accomplish this in our Catholic worship and education with a special commitment to our Catholic School, and through our awareness of one another’s needs. We will continue to strengthen and share our Christian values, in our parish and community, as we strive to become more like our Heavenly Father.

St. John the Baptist Parish is a rural Catholic community of caring, loving people trying to live the way Jesus taught us.

Our Mass Schedule
Weekend Liturgy
     Saturday (St. Francis) 4:00 PM
 Sunday (St. Francis)7:45 AM
 Sunday (St. Francis)9:30 AM
 Sunday (St. John's) 11:30 AM
Weekday Liturgy
 Monday (St. Francis)
(Good Samaritan Hospital - last Monday of the month)
5:00 PM
 Tuesday (St. Francis)6:00 PM
 Wednesday (St. Francis)9:00 AM
 Thursday (St. John)9:00 AM
 Thursday (Pine Crest Nursing Home) 10:30 AM
 Friday (St. Francis)8:00 AM
Reconciliation Times
Tuesday (St. Francis)5:30 PM
Wednesday (St. Francis)8:15 AM
Saturday (St. Francis) 9:00 AM & 3:00 PM
First Sunday of the Month (St. John) 12:30 PM
 (and by appointment)  
The Little Flower Eucharistic Adoration Chapel is available
Sunday - Thursday 5:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Friday 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Saturday 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM



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Faith in our Future

Freedom of Conscience Three women traveled to Washington, D.C. this spring to defend the freedom of conscience, after their own deeply held beliefs were threatened or violated in the field of health care and health coverage. Listen to their stories that urge legal protection for religious freedom and conscience rights.