About our School

Mission Statement

The mission statement of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School is to provide a commitment to modeling and teaching Catholic Christian morals and values, while creating a caring, respectful environment which promotes academic excellence and fosters a love for learning.

Philosophy of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School

School-Wide Learning Expectations

In order to lead a Christian-centered, well-informed life, a student of Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School shall demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to:

Be a faith -filled person who

  • Defines behavior in terms of Catholic
  • Recognizes God's presence in all creation
  • Celebrates life
  • Has awareness of his/her relationship with God
  • Participates in the life of the church community

Be a life-long learner who

  • Gathers, interprets, analyzes and synthesizes information
  • Applies technology
  • Maintains flexibility and balance spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically
  • Performs as confident individuals as well as team players

Be a loving person who

  • Practices Christian values
  • Respects diverse cultures
  • Shows acceptance of self and others
  • Responds to community needs

Our Goals

  1. Promote our school
  2. Strengthen the connection between parish and school
  3. Improve manners
  4. Initiate a reading challenge for all students

Home & School Partnership

The St. Francis Xavier Catholic School's Parent School Partnership provides for the necessary link between parents and teachers. All parents are automatically members and are encouraged to support their children's education through this wonderful organization.